CABiN Tour

Pictures to illustrate our work and the facilities and equipment we use:
Bayliss (formally MCS) Atrium
We are based in the Molecular and Chemical Sciences Building at UWA, built in 2005 this is a hub for molecular scientists working on a wide range of biological research projects and a number of research centres
Mass Spectrometry
We use mass spectrometry to accurately measure the mass of peptides and small molecules which facilitates identifying and quantifying them
MALDI Imaging of plants
We study the composition of cells and the compartmentation of metabolic functions using mass spectrometry imaging
Liquid Chromatography
We use liquid chromatography to separate and purify organelles, proteins and peptides
Gel Electrophoresis Separation
We use a range of denaturing and native gel techniques to separate and analyse proteomes
Arabidopsis- the model plant
We use the power of Arabidopsis genetics to discover the role of specific genes in modifying the proteome and function of plants
Data Visualisation
Advances in 'omic biology require more sophisticated and more easily adjustible interfaces for visualising large datasets from diverse sources. We have been developing such tools for deep sequencing, proteomics and metabolite analysis.